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Our choice of safe insulation material

Health comes first Ned Air strives to create the desired climate in all kinds of indoor spaces, in an energy efficient manner. Besides environmental responsibility and the development of energy efficient products, the health of our employees and customers is very important to us. That is why Ned Air prefers to use sustainable and safe…

Banner Ned Air OmniLine luchtbehandelingskast met Eurovent certificaat

Ned Air introduces the OmniLine

Within the field of air treatment, the Eurovent certificate guarantees a well-functioning climate system. With the introduction of the OmniLine, Ned Air offers a series of multifaceted, entirely configurable air treatment units with heat recovery and Eurovent certification.

Kinderen in speeltuin

Is playing outside in the school playground still healthy?

By: Wouter Wijma, General Director Ned Air

Air pollution isn’t always something we can see straight away. Last week I read in a Dutch newspaper an article about air pollution in the Netherlands. Poor air quality isn’t only restricted to urban environments.
Even in the countryside, people breathe in at least as much polluted air as those in the city. According to a recent WHO report, 92% of people worldwide breathe in dirty air….

Ned Air schoolventilatie

Good ventilation hugely important for young children

Like primary schools, the indoor environment of daycare centres is an important area of attention. Research commissioned by the government shows that in particular the air quality during the winter months and the temperature in the summer period do present a problem. Sleeping areas in particular leave a lot to be desired. The youngest children are the most sensitive to contaminated air and can develop health problems, or a worsening of existing health problems, as a result. For this reason, and because young children spend a relatively large amount of time indoors, good ventilation is vitally important for them

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Comfortable indoor climate

A poor indoor climate in buildings can lead to a diverse range of complaints among users. For instance, eye, nose and throat irritation, headache, fatigue, odour nuisance and increased sensitivity to certain substances.

Ned Air Kampen Kantoor

Office climate

In offices, there is often a high level of exhaled CO2 in the environment. Excess CO2 levels lead to an unhealthy indoor climate and suboptimal performance among your employees. To combat this, good ventilation is extremely important. In the winter, windows are often kept closed, to avoid draughts and energy loss. And in the summer, windows are often opened too little or too late due to complaints about outside noise and draughts. Fortunately, good ventilation is possible without these complaints.

Ned Air schoolventilatiesysteem EduComfort 950 in Klaslokaal

New Programme of Requirements Frisse Scholen

A pleasant indoor climate in schools has a positive effect on the health, the learning achievements and the functioning of students and teachers. The programme of requirements Frisse Scholen (Fresh Schools)serves as a important guide for realising a Fresh School.The new programme of requirements has been modified from the previous version, in order to place more…

Sneak Preview Ned Air Ceiling Unit

As a pioneer in sustainable ventilation, Ned Air develops new solutions in response to market demands. We will soon be introducing a new ceiling unit for school ventilation. Naturally this unit is also suitable for use in other buildings such as offices and commercial buildings. The key features: • Low installation height, only 360 mm • Can…