Kinderen in speeltuin

Is playing outside in the school playground still healthy?

By: Wouter Wijma, General Director Ned Air

Air pollution isn’t always something we can see straight away. Last week I read in a Dutch newspaper an article about air pollution in the Netherlands. Poor air quality isn’t only restricted to urban environments.
Even in the countryside, people breathe in at least as much polluted air as those in the city. According to a recent WHO report, 92% of people worldwide breathe in dirty air….

Ned Air schoolventilatie

Good ventilation hugely important for young children

Like primary schools, the indoor environment of daycare centres is an important area of attention. Research commissioned by the government shows that in particular the air quality during the winter months and the temperature in the summer period do present a problem. Sleeping areas in particular leave a lot to be desired. The youngest children are the most sensitive to contaminated air and can develop health problems, or a worsening of existing health problems, as a result. For this reason, and because young children spend a relatively large amount of time indoors, good ventilation is vitally important for them

Ned Air Kampen Kantoor

Office climate

In offices, there is often a high level of exhaled CO2 in the environment. Excess CO2 levels lead to an unhealthy indoor climate and suboptimal performance among your employees. To combat this, good ventilation is extremely important. In the winter, windows are often kept closed, to avoid draughts and energy loss. And in the summer, windows are often opened too little or too late due to complaints about outside noise and draughts. Fortunately, good ventilation is possible without these complaints.

Ned Air Klimaat Kasbouw

Climate control in glasshouses

It is crucial that the climate within glasshouses is maintained at an absolutely optimal level. Fruit, vegetables and flowers grow faster and better with a constant, warm environmental temperature and lots of light. With the right climate control, it is possible to cultivate the same product throughout the year.

Ned Air Totcal Cost of Ownership

Low Total Cost of Ownership

When acquiring a heat recovery unit, people often only consider the purchase price. However, it is much wiser to take into account all the costs linked with the unit throughout its entire lifespan.┬áThese include not only the purchase cost but also energy costs, maintenance costs and removal costs.┬áThe materials and components used in our products…