Kinderen in speeltuin

Is playing outside in the school playground still healthy?

By: Wouter Wijma, General Director Ned Air

Air pollution isn’t always something we can see straight away. Last week I read in a Dutch newspaper an article about air pollution in the Netherlands. Poor air quality isn’t only restricted to urban environments.
Even in the countryside, people breathe in at least as much polluted air as those in the city. According to a recent WHO report, 92% of people worldwide breathe in dirty air….

Ned Air Totcal Cost of Ownership

Low Total Cost of Ownership

When acquiring a heat recovery unit, people often only consider the purchase price. However, it is much wiser to take into account all the costs linked with the unit throughout its entire lifespan.┬áThese include not only the purchase cost but also energy costs, maintenance costs and removal costs.┬áThe materials and components used in our products…