Heating and cooling

Meets Program of Requirements – Fresh Schools
class B

Extremely quiet
(maximum 33 dB(A))

Optimal airflow
through high induction
inflow jets

A breath of fresh air in school ventilation

Ned Air EduComfort is a decentralized ventilation unit designed specifically for classrooms. The unit provides optimal ventilation, resulting in reduced absenteeism among children and teachers, while promoting better learning performance. This advanced school ventilation system automatically adjusts based on the CO2 levels measured, and can be expanded with cooling or heating options if desired. This creates a healthy and comfortable indoor climate throughout the year.

Quick and easy installation

The EduComfort is quick and easy to install in existing school buildings. The unit can be supplied with both top and rear connections and is ceiling mounted. Due to its low weight, it is easy to apply structurally. Partial installation is also possible. The unit comes standard with a durable casing.

Quiet and energy efficient

The EduComfort is a demand-controlled decentralized ventilation unit with heat recovery. This makes this unit very energy efficient. With a noise level of no more than 33 dB(A), it is the quietest of its kind and therefore meets the maximum noise requirements according to class B of the Program of Requirements ‘Fresh Schools’.


The use of innovative blow-in jets makes draughts a thing of the past. The jets can be adjusted individually and ensure that the air velocity in the classroom remains within the required value of 0.16 m/s according to the ‘Fresh Air in Schools’ program of requirements. This makes the EduComfort suitable for every classroom. Regardless of size.


The EduComfort is a versatile school ventilation unit. By using EC-plug fans, a low air speed and an aluminum counterflow exchanger, a thermal efficiency of at least 90% is achieved. Due to the full use of recyclable materials, the EduComfort is the first decentralized school ventilation unit to be circular.

Product features