The importance of good ventilation

Research shows that the indoor climate in many schools is substandard. That is a shame, because good ventilation has a positive effect on both absenteeism and learning performance in children. Opening a window is no longer sufficient given the high energy costs. Therefore, invest now in an energy-efficient decentralized ventilation unit, the EduComfort.


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A comfortable indoor climate

Teachers and children deserve a pleasant and comfortable working and learning environment. Our ventilation units put an end to bad odors, high humidity and stuffy air quality in the classroom. By equipping the ventilation unit with a cooling and heating battery, the indoor temperature is always comfortable in summer and winter.

A healthy working and learning environment

Excessive concentrations of CO2, drafts and rising temperatures in the classroom cause reduced concentration, headaches, fatigue, absenteeism due to illness and lower school performance. It is therefore important to ventilate well and on time. Our EduComfort ventilation units are CO2 controlled and guarantee a healthy indoor climate in your school.

Energy efficient and cost effective

The climate is changing. Energy prices are high. Using energy efficiently is therefore more important than ever. To save the environment but also to save costs. Our school ventilation units are equipped with heat recovery as standard. This allows you to ventilate in the most energy-efficient way.

Market leader in school ventilation

Our technical staff have developed a unique ventilation unit especially for schools. We have now manufactured and delivered thousands of units. Would you like more information or a no-obligation appointment? Please contact our Sales department.

A healthy indoor climate in 4 steps

Appointment at school location

Our area manager will be happy to visit your school to view the situation on site.

Tailored advice

Based on the inventory, we will provide you with tailor-made advice.


If you take our advice, we will provide you with a no-obligation quote.

To work

If you accept our quotation, we will take your requested ventilation units into production and deliver them to you as soon as possible.