Innovative customized solutions for a stable indoor climate in your greenhouses

We have been pioneers in the field of air treatment for more than 30 years. Our technical experts go to great lengths every day to come up with innovative solutions for every air treatment question. No challenge is too big. We design and build air handling units for the agriculture sector that specifically suit the wishes and needs of our clients.

Stable indoor climate

A stable and optimally conditioned indoor climate is crucial in the agriculture sector. The climate in a greenhouse determines the efficiency and quality of plant growth. Factors such as light, temperature, moisture and CO2 are important elements for the growth of a crop. Carefully filtering the indoor and outdoor air prevents contamination of the crops and ensures that no harmful pollen escapes. Our air handling units are specially designed for this.


With more than 30 years of experience in air treatment, Ned Air is the trusted name in agriculture. We have successfully completed several large and ambitious projects in this sector in the past. We are happy to use our current and extensive knowledge and accumulated experience for your air treatment needs.


With efficient air handling units, Ned Air guarantees a stable and optimal indoor climate. The separate operation of our air handling units offers individual control over each greenhouse, ensuring ideal conditions. This achieves optimal efficiency. The central air handling units are equipped with, among other things, heat recovery, where fresh outside air is drawn in and heated directly by the outgoing air. They also ensure the desired overpressure in the greenhouses.


Based on our passion for air technology, we continuously work on innovative solutions that ensure an optimal indoor climate. Would you like more information or an appointment without obligation? Please contact our Sales department.

A healthy indoor climate in your greenhouses in 4 steps

Appointment on location

Our area manager is happy to visit you to view the situation on site.

Tailored advice

Based on the inventory, we will provide you with tailor-made advice.


If you take our advice, we will provide you with a no-obligation quote.

To work

If you accept our quotation, we will take your requested air handling unit into production and deliver it to you as soon as possible.