MXF Roof fan

Long lifespan

Optimal communication via Modbus

Energy efficient EC fans

Low noise due to Mixed Flow impeller

Energy-efficient roof fans with EC technology

The Ned Air MXF EC Green series consists of mixed flow vertical discharge roof fans in six different construction sizes. The series has a capacity range from 100 m3 /h to 13,000 m3/h. The roof fans are controllable and have a 230 V or 400 V EC motor outside the air flow. The maximum permissible intake temperature is -30°C/+40°C.

Long lifespan

The housing of the MXF roof fan is made of high-quality HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene). This material is 100% recyclable. The housing is not sensitive to deformation or breakage, and is therefore resistant to extreme weather influences. This gives it a long lifespan.

Optimal communication via Modbus

All EC Green roof fans are equipped with Modbus communication as standard and can therefore be monitored remotely via a building management system.

Extensive control

The basic version of the Ned Air control gives you the option to control pressure, CO2, temperature or relative humidity (RH). As standard, the controller is equipped with release/overtime, fire alarm, fault alarm and various clock programs (for example, night reduction). The luxury version roof fan adds web-based access to remotely log in, read out, build up history and send a fault signal to the manager. With both controllers it is possible to connect multiple roof fans to one controller or to link them to any building control system

Energy-efficient EC fans

The roof fans are infinitely adjustable and equipped with EC Green technology from Ebm-papst with a 230V or 400V motor. The motors are infinitely adjustable and therefore able to respond flexibly to any ventilation demand. This makes the fan energy efficient.


The unique Mixed Flow impeller is constructed from two forced aluminum and corrosion-resistant shells with polyamide blades that, due to their special shape and position, provide the impeller with both axial and centrifugal properties. Due to the special shape and position of the blades of the Mixed Flow impeller, the MXF roof fan is very quiet.

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