Air flow rate 2.400 – 44.000 m3/h

Low total cost
of ownership

Different heat wheels

Plug & Play

Robust housing

For more than 15 years the most proven and efficient method of heat and moisture recovery

The Ned Air RotorLine is a series of energy-efficient air handling units with heat and moisture recovery. All are equipped with a heat wheel. With the RotorLine you can quickly and easily achieve a healthy and comfortable indoor climate for any desired space. The RotorLine meets the requirements of ERP 2023, has a long service life and offers many options in terms of design, heat wheels, cooling, heating, control technology, accessories and additional components.

Flow rates from 2.400 – 44.000 m3/h

Discover the versatile RotorLine series with air volumes ranging from 2.400 to 44.000 m³/h. This series offers 8 models with various air volumes and sizes, all with a sleek design. You can choose a sleek indoor installation or a solid outdoor installation.

Low total cost of ownership (TCO)

The RotorLine is known for its lifetime cost efficiency. This includes not only purchase and installation costs, but also energy, maintenance, and disposal costs. With our optimized dimensions, air velocity is low and costs are kept to a minimum, so you benefit from a low TCO. Also, the combination of a low air velocity with a large filter surface area ensures longer filter life and therefore lower maintenance costs.

Different heat wheels for various applications

You can choose from the following heat wheels:

Condensation wheel; this wheel has high efficiency on heat recovery and low efficiency on moisture recovery
Sorption wheel; it has the highest efficiency of the 3 options in terms of both heat and moisture recovery
Enthalpy wheel; this wheel is in between the above mentioned wheels in terms of efficiency

Plug & Play

At your request, we deliver the air handling unit Plug & Play. We always supply the RotorLine with complete wiring, even if you choose to use your own measurement and control technology. So you only need to connect a power cable to the main switch and connect your controller to our terminal strip.

All Electric at your fingertips

The RotorLine can be equipped with heat pumps. This has the following advantages:

1. Step into the direction of all-electric
2. Time and material savings
3. Sustainable
4. One point of contact at commissioning
5. Higher energy label

Robust housing

The RotorLine’s robust enclosure consists of 40 mm-thick sandwich panels made of sendzimir-galvanized steel with a plastic coating. The panels feature environmentally friendly and fire-resistant insulation and contribute to high thermal insulation and additional acoustic damping.

Would you like customization or additional information on options and accessories? If so, please contact our sales department.

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