Vertical AirFlow


Remote monitoring

Energy efficient EC fans

Low noise

With unique folding function

Vertical AirFlow for a comfortable and healthy indoor climate

Many Dutch roofs have outdated roof fans that no longer meet current standards. Technically and economically, these fans have reached their end. Therefore Ned Air introduces a whole new generation of roof fans: Ned Air Vertical AirFlow, the energy efficient and noiseless alternative to outdated roof fans.

5 sizes

The latest series of roof fans consists of five sizes. This makes them suitable for most common roof stands.
To get a suitable model, simply measure the distance between the mounting bolts of the existing roof fan.

Long service life

The casing of the Vertical AirFlow is constructed of high-quality sheet material. This material is 100% recyclable. Due to its sleek design, the housing is not susceptible to deformation or breakage, and is therefore resistant to extreme weather conditions. This gives it a long service life.

Optimal communication via Modbus

All EC Green roof fans are equipped with Modbus communication as standard and can therefore be monitored remotely via a building management system.

Easy and fast installation

Installation of the new fan can be done directly on the existing roof stand. Simple and fast. Thus cost-saving. Inspection and cleaning are also, with the new folding construction, easy to perform.

Energy-efficient EC fans

The Vertical AirFlow has a contemporary design, is equipped with the latest EC fans that are infinitely adjustable and feature EC Green
technology. The motors are infinitely adjustable and therefore able to respond flexibly to any ventilation demand. This makes the fan energy efficient.


De unieke Mixed Flow waaier is opgebouwd uit twee geforceerde aluminium en corrosievaste schalen met polyamide schoepen die door hun speciale vorm en
positie de waaier zowel van axiale als centrifugale eigenschappen voorzien. Door de speciale vorm en positie van de schoepen van de Mixed Flow waaier is de Vertical AirFlow zeer geluidsarm.

Bent u op zoek naar een of meer dakventilator(en)? Neem dan contact op met onze verkoopafdeling voor een vrijblijvende offerte. 

Product features