Elementary School Little Amsterdam


VentKlima Interduct


Creating a healthy indoor climate for a new, circularly built and relocatable elementary school in Amsterdam


A Ned Air RotorLine air handling unit equipped with a heat wheel with moisture recovery, electric heater and recirculation valve.

Klein Amsterdam elementary school is a relocatable school building built in Amsterdam North. The final plot where the school will be located is not available for another six years. Therefore, the school must be relocated over time. For this reason, the school is constructed from circularly produced, relocatable wooden modules designed by De Groot of Vroomshoop and SeARCH Architects.

Ned Air NKD Custom- made

For this project, Ned Air, in collaboration with installer VentKlima Interduct, supplied a Ned Air RotorLine air handling unit with heat wheel and moisture recovery. The cabinet is also equipped with an electric heater and with the possibility of recirculation. This provides a healthy indoor climate for students and teachers and ties in with the sustainable character of this relocatable school.