Van Heutsz Kazerne


Hulst Flier Installateurs Elburg B.V.


A good indoor climate in a historic building in which the correct degree of humidity and temperature are maintained in accordance with archive law.


Application of NKD Maatwerk ‘Close Control’ air handling units

The Van Heutsz Kazerne in Kampen has a rich history. After years of vacancy, the municipality of Kampen in cooperation with a project developer completely renovated this large building, located on the Kamper IJsselfront.

Multifunctional center

The building now called “De Stadskazerne” is Kampen’s new social, historical and cultural knowledge center. It houses the Kampen Library with various reading rooms, RTV IJsselmond, Kampen Municipal Archives, De Stadsarcheoloog, the historical association Jan van Arkel and De Stentor.

Close Control

For the archive room in particular, there were specific requirements regarding humidity. This was addressed by using ´Close Control´ in the Ned Air air handling units to create the right balance between humidity and temperature.