Anne Frank Theater


Bennink Technische Installatiebedrijven B.V.


Extremely quiet air handling units. Everything was determined as part of a team, which meant that during the course of the project we had to switch quickly within a short period of time.


Delivery and installation of 2 NKD Custom- made air handling units equipped with ET heat wheel, silencers and EC Plug Fans.

Especially for theater play ‘Anne’ the Anne Frank Theatre Amsterdam has been built. The time pressure during construction was great because of the already planned theater performances.

Because of the size of the building, it was decided to install 2 large air handling units.
These cabinets are linked together and function as one entire installation. Because of the function of the building, an important condition was to meet tight noise standards.

Ned Air supplied 2 NKD Maatwek air handling units which are equipped with an ET-heating wheel, silencers and EC Plug Fans. The total air volume is 44.000 m³/h. In addition, 2 more NKD Custom- made have been delivered, which are also equipped with silencers and EC Plug Fans.