Bisonspoor offices spaces


Installatietechniek Raynor


To provide accommodation areas with comfortable and healthy indoor climate with particular attention to the air cushion roof in the lobby. This area can be particularly hot in the summer.


Delivery and installation of a Rotorline 28S and a Rotorline 17S, both in an outdoor installation equipped with heat wheel with moisture recovery. We equipped these cabinets with a web-based controller and a Cascade controller for controlling the heat pumps.

Unique roof on lobby

The lobby of the Bisonspoor is equipped with a unique ETFE air cushion roof. When the sun is on this roof, the interior space heats up fast and high. Challenge in this space is to create a pleasant indoor climate both in the hot summer months and to provide the space with warm fresh air in the winter months.

Ned Air supplied 2 RotorLine air handling units that we equipped with a heat wheel. Depending on the temperature, fresh outside air is cooled or warmed after the heat wheel.

Even air distribution

The air ducts have been applied directly next to the air cushion in the roof, allowing optimal use of the space. These air ducts distribute healthy air evenly throughout the lobby, providing a comfortable indoor climate throughout the room.