Curio Economics and Entrepreneurship


Climatic B.V.


To provide Curio Economics and Entrepreneurship in Breda with an expansion of the current ventilation systems. The new systems meet the Program of Requirements -Fresh Schools class B in several classrooms.


Application of the EduComfort 1000 decentralized school ventilation unit with remote monitoring.

Curio Economics and Entrepreneurship wanted an expansion of the current ventilation systems. The requirement was that the units met the Program of Requirements – Fresh Schools Class B. The school is located in a monumental building, which is subject to visual restrictions.


The Netherlands has many old monumental school buildings. The challenge here is not to change the appearance of the building when applying good ventilation. Older school buildings generally do not contain mechanical ventilation, so teachers are often forced to open a window to air the room. Especially in a winter season and at a time of high energy costs and a challenging sustainability challenge, this is not preferable.

Structural solution

Curio also faced the same challenge. They decided to go for a structural ventilation solution. A large part of its building has a monumental status and therefore restrictions are placed on any renovation. Installer Climatic B.V. was commissioned by Curio’s housing department to offer a structural solution for a good ventilation system. The choice fell on the Ned Air EduComfort 1000, a decentralized ventilation unit. Curio was already familiar with the good operation of the EduComfort 1000. In 2021 they also applied 7 EduComfort units at their location Johan Cruyff College in Roosendaal.

Remote monitoring

In the summer vacations of 2022, we delivered 15 EduComfort 1000 units for the location in Breda. These units can be monitored remotely through EduConnect. The ventilation units were installed by Climatic in various classrooms and teachers’ areas. Here we have chosen for full or half mounting in the existing ceiling.