Diesel headquarters


Bennink Technische Installatiebedrijven B.V.


High requirements for noise production and energy consumption


Energy-efficient NKD Custom- made and RotorLine low-noise air handling units by means of sound absorbers placed directly in the unit instead of only in the ductwork

For the headquarters of Diesel, Ned Air delivered several energy-efficient air handling units equipped with additional silencers in order to achieve minimal noise production.

In addition to this minimal noise production, low energy consumption was important to Diesel’s management. Ned Air solved the low noise aspect by placing silencers directly in the cabinet instead of only in the duct itself. The standard casing of the Ned Air cabinets already scores very well acoustically, nevertheless, extra precautions were taken by using sound absorbers, among other things. The necessary modifications were also made to the duct system. The use of EC Plug Fans drastically reduces energy consumption at part load.

The NKD Custom- made is installed indoors and has a total capacity of 20,000 m³/h. The cabinet is equipped with a cross-flow exchanger, silencers and EC Plug Fans. The installations are delivered Plug & Play.