Dredger Minerva


Breman Shipping Installation B.V.


A custom- made air handling unit for a ship with limited space available for technical installations.


A NKD Custom- made air handling unit with a narrow frame and a widened section for the cooling coil, for optimal space saving.

In December 2016, the dredger Minerva was launched by shipbuilder IHC. Minerva is the very first trailing suction hopper dredger to run on natural gas, the cleanest fossil fuel. The ship was climate engineered by Breman Shipping Installation, an installer that specializes in installing HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems on ships. The company asked Ned Air to think along to create a healthy indoor climate for Minerva.

Supplying a customized air handling unit for a ship is always challenging. After all, space on board is often limited. Especially if, in addition to air handling units, central heating boilers and ductwork for air supply and extraction are also to be installed.

Ned Air’s engineers designed a custom-designed, ecologically sound NKD air handling unit for the Minerva. Instead of giving the entire air handler a fixed width, they chose to keep the unit wide only at the cooling coil and narrow the rest of the cabinet. This resulted in significant space savings as well as the option for a larger cooling coil so the cabinet did not sacrifice performance.