Fresh schools Utrecht


QL Projectmanagement


Improving the indoor climate at 7 schools in accordance with the PVE Fresh Schools.


Combination of central and decentralized air conditioning systems with integrated web-based controller that ventilate on CO2 and are equipped with sound attenuation so that the noise requirement of 33 dBA is realized.

The municipality of Utrecht wanted to take important steps in improving the indoor climate in schools. In a combined order from Engie and QL Projectburo, Ned Air supplied 15 heat recovery units that complied with the PVE of Frisse Scholen. Utrecht thus followed the example of other municipalities where Ned Air had previously been involved in similar large-scale school projects.

Improving the indoor environment

To improve the indoor environment, each classroom was given its own conditioned air supply. CO2 levels are now controlled for each classroom so that the maximum PPM for children and teachers can no longer be exceeded. The noise production of the entire installation also falls within the PVE Frisse Scholen (Max. 33 dBA). Consideration has also been given to reducing the carbon footprint of the schools in question by applying the latest generation of heat recovery modules in our NKD Custom- made.