De Smiley


Van der Sluis Technische Bedrijven B.V.


Good energy-efficient extraction for student housing


Placement of 26 Ned Air roof fans type MXF EC Green Excellent

De Smiley

Since 2016, the ‘Smiley’ marks the city entrance of Amsterdam from the A10 ring road on the Zeeburger Island. The building owes that name to its curved main form and striking facade rhythm. The elongated block houses 364 student housing units for rent. With its length of 134 meters, the student complex forms part of the long wall that should absorb the noise for the neighborhood built behind it. To create a more varied streetscape, that wall has been divided into smaller lots. The heads are higher and the middle section is lower, forming the “smiley face.

Energy-efficient roof fans

Ned Air provided 26 energy-efficient MXF EC Green Excellent pressure-controlled roof fans for proper extraction of the student residences. The Ned Air mixed flow vertical discharge roof fans were supplied in different types. The housing is constructed of 100% recyclable high density polyethylene (HDPE) and is resistant to extreme weather conditions.

Constant pressure

The MXF EC Green Excellent are self-regulating mechanical ventilation systems with a built-in and electrically connected pressure transmitter. The pressure transmitter measures the negative pressure in the duct and the internal control ensures a constant pressure in the duct. The desired constant pressure can be set via the built-in electrical potentiometer (0-10V). Thus, ventilation can be provided as needed. Via Modbus communication, the roof fans can be monitored remotely via a building management system. The administrator can read out the fan, view the history and he receives a signal in case of a malfunction.